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Legge Foodservice Facilities Design Inc. is a full service professional foodservice consulting practice, headed by Scott D. Legge, FFCSI, with associated specialists from across Canada, the USA and around the world.  Our approach to our profession and client relationships differ from most of the large, established firms in our industry.  We have a fresh approach, based on traditional values, that we know will better fill the needs of our potential clients.

Customer service should not be a thing of the past, especially when you support the world’s largest service based industry.  Legge Foodservice Facilities Design Inc. intends to revitalize exceptional service in the foodservice consulting field with a distinct emphasis on both Food and Service.  Gone are the days of finding all possible consulting services under one roof.  Today’s global economy and worldwide enterprise is most efficiently handled by specialist teams, comprised of small firms and/or individual practitioners, who are brought together to form a team of experts for a specific client or project.

Each member of the team acts in their own area of expertise and contributes to assist the entire team to better understand their discipline’s impact on the whole of the project.  Foodservice consultants who associate themselves with Legge Foodservice Facilities Design Inc. have varied educational, operational and professional histories.  We come together because of a common, shared outlook...  We believe in truly great customer service, forward thinking, creativity, technical accuracy and on-time/on-budget completion of all assignments.  

Our individual varied backgrounds, our experience in different market sectors and our ability to brainstorm and converse openly help us to produce clear, fresh thinking.  Finite definitions of different industry sectors are long gone as the boundaries between industry sectors have blurred, such that elements of many sectors are now applicable in operations previously felt to be unrelated.  We approach assignments as facilitators, in that we work to ensure the goals and objectives of our client groups are met by means that are in keeping with the client’s existing or proposed operating philosophy.  Our role as consultant is not to produce a finished product that is foreign to the operators who will work in the environment we have helped to created.  This does not mean that we blindly accept traditional methods.  We see our role as multifaceted; we are aware of leading edge technologies and methods and their potential relevance to our clients.  We are educators, developers of practical, feasible options; we bring technical expertise and a working knowledge of building systems and codes to help decision-makers make good choices.  We do not purport to know more about an existing or proposed new operation than the foodservice operations team.  

We provide expertise and knowledge that is complementary to those who make their professional careers as managers, chefs, department heads, administrators and owner/operators.  We provide a vital bridge between design professionals such as Construction Managers, Architects and Engineers and Foodservice Operations personnel, two groups who frequently do not understand each other’s needs and methods.  We solve problems frequently experienced on projects that include foodservice components.

As a Client we believe that you should:

• receive prompt courteous responses to all questions & queries 

• receive exceptional customer service 

• feel comfortable and confident in each member of our team 

• feel confident that our reputation will complement and enhance your company’s reputation 

• know that the principals you are dealing with are directing the project themselves and actively participating daily 

• receive tangible, accurate deliverables on a timely basis 

• believe in every decision that is made affecting your project 

• participate actively in the development of the foodservice elements of each project 

• receive value added benefit consistent with and exceeding the cost of our fees 

• receive an end product with which you are proud to be associated   

Legge Foodservice Facilities Design Inc. pledges that you can count on this level of service on each and every project that we participate in.  Each of our associates is an entrepreneur whose reputation and living are directly impacted by their ability to perform beyond our client’s expectations and our futures will be based on your level of satisfaction and referrals.     


Culinary Advisors LLP                                                  3734 Crossbow Court Ellicott City, Maryland  21042  USA Michael Pantano, FFCSI (PP)

KHI International Pty Ltd                                              P.O. Box 323 Kenmore Queensland  4069  Australia Ian Hopper, FCSI (PP)

Culinary Dimensions                                                      Los Angeles, California  USA Albert L. DaCosta, FFCSI (PP)

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